WELCOME to The Catalyst!

WELCOME to The Catalyst!

The Catalyst: Chemistry Resources For Teachers

This site has been developed specifically for the secondary education/high school level teacher, as a resource for finding relevant information for use in the teaching of chemistry and alternative education. Moreover, students and other visitors interested in the topic of chemistry will find The Catalyst to be a valuable web resource for finding the information or answers they are seeking, and are encouraged to take advantage of this site as well. This site is not updated often. Check out our chemistry experiments section. Thank you for visiting!

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The Catalyst is broken down into multiple pages, each devoted to a specific topic. A large majority of the resource links contained at this site are found on these pages, and can be accessed from one central page. Please make sure you read our safety manual.

Teachers' Forum

A goal of this site is to make it available as a central location for the dissemination of newly developed chemistry teaching material; a clearing house of sorts. If you have developed anything new in the realm of chemistry education and feel that it would be of use to other teachers, please email to make arrangements to have your material posted in the Teachers' Forum at this site. You will be given all of the credit for your work, The Catalyst will merely post it for others to use. You can check out material that has been submitted, on this page. See our programme job description Q & A

In the quest to make this site as useful as possible, a question and answer page has been added to assist you in finding answers to questions you may have about chemistry.