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redballApex Learning
"Apex Learning offers online learning products and services designed to help K-12 institutions expand educational opportunities for their students and teachers." We've talked with teachers who are using their services and are very impressed in all aspects. They offer general chemistry and AP chemistry.

AskERIC is the internet-based education information service of the Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) System.

redballbigchalk HOT!
bigchalk.com is a premier education site "committed to providing teachers, students, parents, and their surrounding community with the very best applications, products, and services available." They have a lofty goal: "Our goal is to be the single education destination that's trusted by teachers, used by students, and relied on by parents." The services they offer include the ability for teachers to create a web site, online research and reference services, test preparation and evaluation, professional development, and homework help.

redballBlackboard.com HOT!
Blackboard.com is a FREE service that enables instructors to add an online component to their classes, or even host an entire course on the Web. Without knowing any HTML, you can quickly create your own CourseSite - a Web site that brings your learning materials, class discussions, and even tests online. Blackboard.com is a premier education site.

redballBloom's Taxonomy's Model Questions and Key Words
Bloom's Taxonomy may not be of any interest to you, but this site might prove useful to some for evaluating currently used tests or helping to write new ones.

redballChemistry Online Homework System
The Chemistry Online Homework System is "an automated system for delivering, collecting, and grading homework and quizzes for chemistry students and teachers. You [the teacher] set up assignments and quizzes by picking questions from a question bank (just like you would from a textbook), set submission deadlines, and define the scoring policy. Every question is randomly varied each time it is sent out from the server to minimize cheating. You and your students can access the system through the Internet. A student gets instant feedback (correct or wrong, no explanations) and monitor his/her scores in real time. You can monitor all student work in real time. Retrieving scores is simple. You get a column of student IDs and a matching column of scores that you can 'Copy and Paste' from your browser to your spreadsheet or word processor." If you would like to try it out, you can login to the Teacher Guide using the Guest account (username and password are both Guest). For more information visit the "HELP" page.

redballCiting Internet Sources
Classroom Connect has provided a page of information which will help anybody properly cite the information they obtain via the internet. (This information is part of their free community resource for educators called Connected Teacher.)

redballCorporation For Public Broadcasting
This is the site for the CPB which created the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in 1969. Any chemistry teacher who has seen 'The World of Chemistry' video series will know why this link is here.

redballEducation Index
The Education Index is an annotated guide to the best education-related sites on the WWW.

redballEducation Week on the Web
Their goal is nothing short of being the place on the world wide web for people interested in education reform, schools, and the policies that guide them.

redballEducation World
This site is listed as an educational search engine. It contains a good deal of information about all aspects of teaching.

EduNET is a very nice education web site, containing a considerable amount of information about all aspects of teaching.

redballePALS Classroom Exchange
The ePALS Classroom Exchange provides a way for students, educators, and classes to meet and correspond with other students from around the World.

redballHighWired.com HOT!
HighWired.com provides free web-publishing tools for teachers, principals, technology coordinators, and staff. You can build a web site for your classroom, student activity or club, school newspaper, or school. One teacher, an administrator, a student organization, or an entire faculty can use the services. Included in this service is the ability for teachers to put their classrooms online. HighWired.com is another premier education site.

redballHomework Service HOT!
"The University of Texas provides a WWW Interactive Homework Service for chemistry, mathematica, physical science, and physics classes. This system is used 24 hours a day for homework and exams in our college, in other colleges, and in high schools. Instructions and documentation are online. There is no cost." With the Homework Service, "Instructors select problems, then let the Homework Service do the delivery, grading, and bookkeeping, all under their control." Some teachers even use this service to create and grade tests for their students. To find out more about this service, check out their Homework Service Description and Homework Service Overview for Instructors pages.

redballHypertext Webster's Dictionary Interface
This hypertext Webster interface provides a point-and-click client interface for accessing the various Webster's dictionary services on the Internet.

redballKathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators has links to some very useful information that isn't normally found at other web sites, such as assessment and rubric information, critical evaluation tools, and more. There are even some subject area links.

Lightspan.com is a premier K-8 classroom and education site with numerous features, including: content, instructional tools and resources, and professional development. The site is for teachers, students, administrators, and families. Lightspan is subscription-based.

redballMerriam-Webster Online
This online version of the Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary allows you to look up a definition, pronunciation, etymology, spelling, or usage point. Also contains a thesaurus.

redballPBS TeacherSource
This web site helps teachers plan the use of PBS programs by providing a planning calander, lesson plans, activities, and interactive web content. In addition to this, PBS provides educational resources, hosts online forums, and offers additional teacher-related information through this site.

redballProject Integration and Visualization Tool (PIViT)
The PIViT software (for Windows or Mac) is a flexible design tool to be used for planning complex, integrated curricula. This software is free.

This site allows you to create different puzzles and games which you can then save or print.

redballQuia! HOT!
Quia! allows users (teachers) to create 14 different types of Java-enabled online activities, including flashcards, matching, concentration, and word search (no programming is required). In addition you can create online quizzes, class web pages, calendars and schedules, and online surveys. Educators with internet access in their classrooms will love this site. It can be used in a number of different classes for repetition drills or online quizzes. (To play these games, you will need a browser capable of running Java programs.) Quia is subscription-based.

redballThe Quotations Page
A large quotation site with links and original resources.

redballState Education Agencies
The Council Of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) has provided links to the web pages of all available state education agencies.

redballSchoolGrants NEW!
This web site offers information to teachers about writing grants, including samples of successful proposals. (More information about grants and grantwriting can be found at Teachersplanet.com

StateStandards.com "is a single site for accessing lesson plans based on state curriculum standards." This site also contains some news updates about the standards for each state.

redballTeacher Talk
Teacher Talk is a publication for preservice, secondary education teachers published by the Center for Adolescent Studies at the School of Education, Indiana University. It exists as a series of WWW documents.

redballTeachers Helping Teachers
This site is "by teachers, for teachers." The goals are to provide...
1) basic teaching tips for inexperienced teachers; ideas that can be immediately implemented into the classroom,
2) new ideas in teaching methodologies for all teachers, and
3) a forum for experienced teachers to share their ideas with colleagues.

redballTeachers.Net HOT!
This site helps link educators to resources on the World Wide Web. Teachers can exchange lesson plans, participate in web chat with other teachers or scheduled speakers, purchase teaching materials, and more. They have a career center which is a series of free job posting boards for schools and districts, and an email alert system which notifies job hunters of teaching jobs the instant they're available!

redballTeachersplanet.com NEW!
Teachersplanet.com links professional educators "with an organized collection of instructional tools." The site is laid out well, and contains a considerable amount of information. It is a must see web site!

TeacherVision was created by teachers for teachers with the goal of providing lesson plans, resources, and materials to make the professional life easier. It is part of the Family Education Network.

TeAch-nology.com offers teachers FREE access to lesson plans, printable worksheets, over 150,000 reviewed web sites, rubrics, educational games, and teaching / technology tips.

Test.com enables anybody to deliver interactive, instantly scored tests, practice tests, and surveys. You can create a free, temporary, private account which enables you to make your own tests at no charge, or purchase tests and assessments from Test.com's database of existing tests. Students will have to login to take a test. Once they complete their assignment and click on "score it," results are automatically e-mailed to you, and can also appear instantly online for your test takers. There is a steep annual hosting and maintenance fee for schools to continue to use this service.

redballUSA TODAY Education
USA TODAY has developed this site designed to integrate today's news into the classroom. This site will include daily activities linked to top news stories.

redballWebAssign HOT!
WebAssign was designed as a homework delivery service which collects and grades the homework, but it has become much more than that! You (the teacher) have complete control over the homework your students receive, including due date, content, feedback, and question formats. Having seen a demonstration of this service from a high school chemistry teacher who uses it, it is recommended that you take the time to check this out. They have done a nice job of providing information about WebAssign at their site, and offer a free, six-week trial period during which time your WebAssign account is fully functional. This gives you the opportunity to try out the service and see how it can best be used in your classroom.

xrefer's free site contains encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauri & books of quotations from the world's leading publishers. All cross-referenced, all in one place - providing you with a single source for reliable factual information.

redball50 States' Certification Requirements
The UK College of Education is attempting to collect the teacher certification requirements for all 50 States.

This site offers a web-based grade book and a website for the teacher all for $35/year (30 day money back guarantee). It allows students and parents access to personal grade information from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection. This electronic gradebook has some unique features. Moreover, the website boasts: "As easy to use as traditional paper gradebook!"

This secure, web-based teacher gradebook "allows teachers to log in and work on their gradebook at any time from any computer connected to the internet. When you assign passwords to students and parents, they can log in to view their own grading and attendance summaries." All this for $49.95/year. This site is part of the Family Education Network.