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redballCHEM 13 news
"CHEM 13 news is an informal magazine published by the Department of Chemistry at the University of Waterloo for teachers of introductory chemistry courses, especially at the high school and year 1 college levels." Each issue typically consist of 16-24 pages (including some advertising) and is published nine times per year, monthly from September through May. The magazine includes a mix of teaching ideas, experiments and demonstrations, background articles, contests and puzzles, and more. It is a wonderful little magazine with an affordable subscription rate.

This online magazine is made possible by The American Chemistry Council. It includes information about the chemistry in the things we use everyday, as well as some experiments for students to perform.

redballThe Chemical Educator
"The Chemical Educator is a peer-reviewed electronic journal serving the needs of all chemical education professionals." For more information about this online magazine, read their Aims & Scope page. It is published 6 times per year with reasonable individual subscription rates. Black-and-white or four-color print archives are also available. Since this journal is for "all chemical educators," you will probably not find the entire journal applicable for the secondary level.

redballChemistry in Action!
This magazine for chemistry teachers is published three times a year, in Ireland. Back issues are put on the internet with free access, roughly one year after publication.

ChemMatters is a quarterly magazine for high school chemistry students. Each issue includes articles which reveal chemistry at work in everyday life. One page of each issue is also devoted to listing relevant web sites for each topic discussed, as well as some other fun and interesting chemistry-related sites.

redballJournal of Chemical Education
JCE Online is the online edition of the American Chemical Society's Journal of Chemical Education. The online edition of this publication "augments the print Journal with article abstracts and supplementary materials." (JCE subscribers get convenient access to complete "digital reprints" of articles, past and present.) Several other publications are: JCE Software, a source for peer-reviewed instructional computer software and video, and JCE Internet, which publishes articles that are not possible to print because they include animation, video, etc. In addition to all of this, they have a special feature for high school teachers: JCE High School ChemEd Learning Information Center (CLIC). The JCE HS CLIC provides direct access to those JCE Online resources of interest to the secondary school teacher.

redballThe Science Teacher
This journal for secondary science education is published monthly from September through May by the National Science Teachers Association (NSTA). The Science Teacher provides peer-reviewed articles detailing the latest trends in teaching strategies, technology, and research.