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Table of Contents

  1. Who is eligible ... ?
  2. How is it done ... ?
  3. How do we participate ... ?
  4. Who decides which chemicals should be removed ... ?
  5. What is the cost ... ?
  6. When did this program begin ... ?

Who is eligible... ?

All public and private schools K-12 in Ohio

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How is it done ... ?

Unwanted chemicals are identified and a highly trained crew comes into your school to pack the chemicals for safe transport.  A high hazard team is called if explosive or highly reactive chemicals are to be removed

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How do we participate ... ?

Participation is voluntary.  To enroll a school must complete an inventory and send a contact person (preferably a chemistry teacher, science department head or science curriculum director) to a one day Safety Seminar.  A Safety Seminar is provided in each of the Professional Development Center Regions.  You may attend any Safety Seminar.

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Who decides which chemicals should be removed ... ?

The chemicals to be removed is a local decision and the Safety Seminars are designed to provide important information about hazards of chemicals, proper storage, and other governmental regulations.

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What is the cost... ?

The packing, removing and disposing is Free. The contractor is paid with funds appropriated by the state of Ohio

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When did this program begin ... ?

Funds were appropriated in July of 1997; the program was designed by the state of Ohio Department of Education and the Advisory Group in December of 1997.  Removal of chemicals began in April of 1998 and is to be completed by June 30, 1999.

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Clifford L. Schrader, Ph.D.