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Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teacher On The WWW


Chemistry sites that are general in nature or have no specific topical content. Included here are other sites with lists of chemistry links.


Chemistry sites that are devoted to one specific topic within chemistry.

AP Chem

Chemistry sites that contain information directly related to AP chemistry.


Chemistry sites that contain information useful for the study of organic chemistry.

UK Chem

Chemistry sites that contain information directly related to chemistry in the UK.

Periodic Tables

The number of sites on the internet devoted to the periodic table of the elements continues to grow. You can find some of the better ones here.


Sites devoted to the history (or periods therein) and development of chemistry.


Sites that contain useful information about experiments, demonstrations, or activities.


Sites that contain useful information about safety in the laboratory. Links to online MSDS sites are included here.


Sites devoted primarily to software or computer simulation and modeling for chemistry. Some of these sites contain very good downloadable software for your use.


Sites that contain ideas or activities that can be used during the holidays to reinforce chemistry ideas or generate an interest in chemistry. Also included are National Chemistry Week web sites.


Sites that contain chemistry information and oddities that don't fit anywhere else.


Links to chemistry or science teaching related organizations.


Sites that connect to printed and online magazines devoted to science and chemistry.


Exceptional sites that focus on science in general. Some of these do have a bit of chemistry information.


Sites that provide information to teachers, are about teaching, or provide a service to teachers. Included here are sites with lists of education links.


Links to chemical and equipment suppliers, distributors of educational teaching aids, and organizations offering resource kits.


Links to textbook publishers. Also included are the resource websites established by publishers in support of their chemistry textbooks.


The internet contains numerous industry sites related to chemistry. These represent a very small selection of those which may be of use.


This page contains information specific for those teaching in the state of Ohio, USA. (Sorry to everyone else, but it's our home state.)