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Teachers have been asking for an area where messages can be left, requests made, items offered to others before they are disposed of. This page represents an initial effort to fulfill those requests and make it possible for teachers to help each other out in yet another way. If you would like to have a chemistry or teaching related message put on the bulletin board, simply send your message to us and we will make sure it gets posted as quickly as possible. If you have any questions or interest concerning a particular listing please contact the respective party for that listing, as posted with the message.

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A biology teacher with one college chemistry class under her belt, may be hired at small school to teach all sciences including chemistry. Would like to take position, but concerned about doing good job in this subject area. Any advice or knowledge of good resources. Please respond to The Catalyst bulletin board ASAP.


Jul 12


I am a new teacher at Campbell High School in Litchfield, New Hampshire. I will be teaching the Chemistry in the Community course. I have inherited the Chemistry in the Community books and materials from the previous teacher including the Teacher's and Student's versions of the 4th edition.

What I am missing is the Chemcom Instructor's Resource CD (ISBN: 0716739941) and the Student CD (ISBN: 0716739933). If anyone knows where I could purchase used versions of these CD-ROMs I would appreciate the information.

Stephen Nodvin
phone: (603) 386-6002

Jul 29

I was wondering if you would like to learn how to get teachers to update classroom web pages on their own? If you are interested, I can show you a software program that schools in your state are using to train teachers in less than 1 hour of staff development. The end result is parents have access to more information about their children's education.

Give me a call, and I can give you a review copy of the software. There is no obligation associated in receiving the review copy of School Center.

Jesse Keyser

Aug 01