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redballThe Atomic Mac and The Atomic PC download
The Atomic Mac is an award winning periodic table of the elements program for the Mac (or the PC). They make a very strong claim: "No other periodic table of the elements has more data than The Atomic Mac/PC." The list of information displayed for each element is impressive. A molecular weight calculator is included in the software package. An evaluation copy is available for downloading and will allow you to view data from some of the elements. The registration cost is $25.

redballAtomic Orbitals CD
The Atomic Orbitals CD-ROM is self-paced interactive software designed to teach students about atomic structure. It includes 3D animation and voice annotation, and covers topics such as the history of atomic theory, the shapes of the orbitals, hybrid orbitals, filling order, etc. You can view screen-shots or Quicktime movie demos of the CD at this site. You need to contact Jones and Bartlett Publishers to order this software. [Knowledge by Design has other software titles available.]

redballAtoms, Symbols, and Equations download
This program is a multimedia chemistry tutor that covers topics such as elements, symbols, the periodic table, chemical formulas, writing and balancing equations, atomic structure, and the formation of ions. It will run under Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP (including networks). A version for Windows 3.1 is still available. Atoms, Symbols, and Equations is Free to download and try, but is shareware and may be purchased for $24.

redballChemBalance Wizard download
ChemBalance Wizard is a program that will rapidly balance chemical equations. It was not designed to predict the products of a reaction, only balance the species (up to ten) input by the user. This is a 32-bit program designed to run under Windows 95/NT. A Windows 3.x version is also available. ChemBalance Wizard is FREEWARE!

redballChemBalancer download
ChemBalancer is an online game that teaches how to balance chemical equations visually. With this program, the user types numbers in front of each molecule until the visual representation shows the same number of atoms on both sides of the equation. It works as a nice follow up to an in-class teaching on the subject. (If you choose to use this game, run through everything yourself before recommending to your students. The author has several links on their website that include personal philosophies which may be contrary to those you wish to espouse.) Another option is to download the FREEWARE version of the game and install it on your own computers.

redballCheMentor download
CheMentor is a series of chemistry tutoring modules with the intent of helping students to develop mastery of a topic by using the computer as a learning aid - putting together their own on-screen learning environment. They contain sets of multiple-step problems which are used by a student as he/she is attempting to work the problem with pen and paper. The CheMentor modules will run on PC and Macintosh computers (min 1Mb RAM and OS 6.0.5 or later). A demo copy is available for downloading.

redballChemistry Associates
Chemistry Associates produces educational material for chemistry and the sciences. A majority of their unique products are interactive CD-ROMs, capable of being used on any computer with a CD-ROM drive.

redballChem-It download
Chem-It is a convenient software program which allows access to a periodic table, conversion factors, a calculator, a list of constants, and a notepad all in one package. The current version (version 1.1) will only run under the Windows OS. Chem-It costs $7.95 to register, with a 60 day satisfaction guarantee.

redballChemware Home Page HOT!
This site contains chemistry education Windows software and shareware for teachers and high school students.

ChemWindow is a chemistry publishing software package which, among other things, makes it easy to draw 2D and 3D chemical structures on MS Windows based computers. The program saves chemical structure files as GIF files allowing you to easily include them in electronic documents or communicate over the WWW.

redballChem1 Instructional Software For General Chemistry download
Chem1Ware specializes in the development of CAI lesson materials that provide comprehensive, in-depth instruction in the major topics of general chemistry. Although they are intended mainly for the first-year university level, many of the lessons in each set are suitable for high school courses, especially those involving AP or IB programs. They have examination copies in several different formats available for downloading.

redballChime download
Chime is a web browser plug-in that allows you to view 2D and 3D structures directly on an HTML page. This plug-in is FREE to download, and versions are available for both Windows and Macintosh.

redballChime Help Tools
A Brief Introduction to Chime (Wellesley College)
Chime: How To Use It (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

redballCrocodile Clips download
Crocodile Clips develop and publish software for teaching science and technology in schools and colleges. Their Crocodile Chemistry package is a complete virtual chemistry lab which allows the user to choose the chemicals and apparatus, set up the experiment, and see the outcome animated on screen. Features include 40 different activities, real-time graphing, sample experiments, and complete control over concentration, volume, and experiment set-up. They have a free demo available for downloading.

redballCurveExpert download
CurveExpert is a comprehensive XY data curve fitting system for Windows. "This program was designed to be simple but powerful, so that all users can obtain a model for their data quickly and easily." They have a free shareware version available for downloading.

redballCyberEd Multimedia download
CyberEd Inc. is an educational software company that develops and markets multimedia CD-ROM products for high school and college level science education. They were founded in 1994, and are proud of the fact that all research, writing, art and programming are done in-house. Their products have won them several awards. There are numerous chemistry titles available, and they offer free sample discs. Versions are available for Macintosh or Windows with a 30 day preview/guarantee.

redballDigital Graphics download
Digital Graphics produces educational software for various academic disciplines, including chemistry. They offer many titles, and have demos for each title available to download. Their software is designed to run under the Windows OS.

redballFalcon Software, Inc. HOT!
Falcon Software publishes educational chemistry programs for high schools, with titles covering general through organic chemistry. Their software makes use of video clips and is very interactive. They have packages for teachers and for students. The prices are reasonable, product demos are available for the curious, and their technical support is very helpful!

redballFormula Master NEW!
"Formula Master is a product of Scientific Creations, designed as an interactive learning tool to aid chemistry students in learning chemical elements, ions, and formulas. Students can practice, drill and test at their skill level, until they have mastered the language of chemistry." At this time this program is only available for use on Windows based PC's. The cost of the software is very reasonable.

redballGrafpapr download
Grafpapr is a program that allows you to make and print out several different types of blank graph paper. It will run under Windows 3.1 and 95/98. Grafpapr is FREEWARE!

redballHungry Frog Chemistry
This site provides a set of chemistry "modules" which run off of a main program. The software is targeted at students in grades 5-12, depending on the module topic. Topics range from the periodic table to organic chemistry. This software runs on Apple/Macintosh computers.

redballInstructional Software for Chemistry
This page provides entry into several lists of software sources, demonstration materials and other resources of interest to Chemistry teachers and course designers. Also provided are entries into other resources related to the teaching of Chemistry.

redballInteractive Chemistry download
This site has downloadable Java applets that can be used to supplement lecture material. Included are a Virtual Titrator, Stoichiometry Solver, and a molecular weight calculator. The files can be used on the web or downloaded, and the source code is available. (From the University of Wisconsin - Madison)

redballKnowledge Factory
Knowledge Factory publishes educational science software for the high school and college level. Their software makes use of animation and sound and is available for all types of operating systems. They have a free 30 preview.

redballLabWorks Learning System
SCI Technologies creates data acquisition systems for college and high school science labs. The LabWorks Learning System is their computer-based laboratory data acquisition device (integrated hardware and software) designed to work with any sensing device that produces an analog or digital signal. Their goal is to allow the focus of a science lab to shift from data collection to data analysis and experiment design.

MathMol is designed to serve as an introductory starting point for those interested in the field of molecular modeling. This site contains an overview, links to public domain modeling software, a library of 3-D molecular structures, etc. It also contains an online textbook, projects related to the water molecule, and more.

redballMCH Multimedia download
MCH Multimedia produces high quality interactive science multimedia that covers both Chemistry and Physics. All products are cross-platformed and use animations, voice comments, movies, graphs, and quizzes to engages students and bring the concepts of science to life. With over 25 hours of study material on each CD, the concepts of chemistry and physics are extensively covered. Trial versions are available for downloading.

redballMeasureNet Technology, Ltd.
MeasureNet is a newly-designed network lab system, based on network technology developed by the automotive industry, and is being put to use in several high schools in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, as well as at the University of Cincinnati. More information about this new technology can be found at the developer's university web page.

redballModel Science Software download
Model ChemLab is a real-time 2-D simulation of a chemistry lab in which the user interacts with animated lab equipment, similar to lab work. Each lab simulation is contained in a separate simulation module, thus many different labs are possible using the common lab interface.

redballMolecular Weight Calculator download
This is a valuable time saving tool for teachers! The Molecular Weight Calculator calculates a compound's molecular weight (or formula weight), and the percent composition of the compound, displaying the results for up to 20 compounds simultaneously. Hydrates are allowed, and specific isotopes can be recognized. The program is available in Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me/XP, Windows 3.x, and DOS versions (the Windows versions contain added features). The Molecular Weight Calculator is FREEWARE!

redballNCSA ChemViz
The Chemistry Visualization program at NCSA (ChemViz) is a program which uses the power of the www in combination with the power of the SGI supercomputer to generate images of atoms, molecules and atomic orbitals. Accounts are required and can be freely obtained by anyone. They even have links to lesson plans which teachers have developed for use with ChemViz.

redballPeriodic Table download
Periodic Table is a small periodic table of the elements program that displays the periodic table and gives basic information about each group and element. Versions are available for Macintosh or Windows 9x/NT/2000/Me. It requires 256 color display (it will not run with any other resolution). Periodic Table is FREEWARE!

redballPeriodic Table download
Periodic Table is an award winning periodic table of the elements program for the Macintosh which provides a considerable amount of information for each element. It includes a molecular weight calculator. A demonstration copy is available for downloading with a registration cost of $15 to unlock all the features.

redballPeriodic Table Bundle v3.0 download
A downloadable version of the periodic table. It runs on Macintosh computers. This program is shareware with a registration fee of $10.

redballPeriodic Table of Elements download
Schoolmasters Science is offering a downloadable periodic table program (the link is located near the bottom of their homepage). This program runs on PCs and is FREEWARE!

redballThe Physical Science Series
The Physical Science Series is a collection of chemistry and physics software (interactive HyperStudio programs) written specifically for high school chemistry and physics students. It has been classroom tested, and can be edited if you own a copy of HyperStudio. Screen shots are available for viewing. The prices are very reasonable, and include a 30 day trial period. This software is currently available in the Macintosh format only.

redballPrograms for the TI-83 Plus download
This page has several chemistry programs that can be used to analyze lab data with the TI-83 Plus.

redballPTViz Periodic Table Illustrator download
PTViz is a program that creates illustrations of element properties using the periodic table. It runs on Macintosh computers with OS 7.0 or later.

redballPure Mac: Chemistry download
This page provides a concise listing of available chemistry software (retail, shareware, and freeware) for Macintosh users.

redballRasMol download
RasMol is a program which will display and produce beautiful, space-filling, colored, 3-dimensional molecular images. This program is FREE to download, and versions are available for both Windows and Macintosh. The University of California, Berkeley has produced a modified UCB Enhanced Rasmol.

redballThe Simtel.Net Windows 3.x Collection of Chemistry Programs download
This page presents a list of downloadable chemistry software for Windows version 3.x.

redballThe Simtel.Net Windows 95/98/Me Collection of Chemistry Programs download
This page presents a list of downloadable chemistry software for Windows version 95/98/Me.

redballSnowbird Software
Snowbird Software produces educational chemistry programs for teaching chemistry at the high school and junior college levels. Their titles cover broad topics such as inorganic and organic chemistry, or specific topics such as atomic structure. Product demos are available for the curious.

redballSpartan Software
Spartan Software has a software package titled Chemical Calculations which is designed to be a problem solving assistant to students in high school and college, and an instructional tool for teachers.

redballTeam Labs
Team Labs is the creator of Personal Science Laboratory (PSL), computer-based science instrumentation for education.

redballTexas Instruments download
This is the Texas Instruments educational site containing information about their calculators and the CBL system. This web site is very big and can be overwhelming. However, your patience will pay off. Some of the notable pages on this site are the CBL/CBL 2 Probe Reference Matrix for Chemistry and the Free Calculator Software Applications (APPS) section which contains several programs such as updated Operating System Software, a StudyCards Creator (you can download StudyCards Stacks), a Start-Up Customization program, a Periodic Table DEMO, and much more!

redballThayer ChemSoftWare LLC
Thayer ChemSoftWare LLC has developed interactive chemistry software for the more difficult (student perspective) topics taught. All programs are available for either Windows 95 (or later) or Mac (OS 7.0 or later) and can be ordered on floppy disk or CD.

redballTI-83/83P and CBL Programs download
This page provides a suite of chemistry lab data acquisition programs for use on a TI-83/83P and CBL. These programs can be used to gather, process, graph, and analyze data in the chemistry lab. There is also a list of TI/CBL resource links.

redballVernier Software
Vernier Software produces the LabPro, a large selection of sensors, software, and curricular material (experiments using computers with Vernier Software products) for use in the chemistry lab. You can use their equipment with a computer (USB connection required), a TI Graphing Calculator, or as a stand-alone data collector.

redballZDNet Downloads download
This link takes you to the ZDNet Downloads page. There are several chemistry programs available for downloading here. You will need to do a search for "chemistry" on their 'Search For:' line.

This site allows you to curve and surface fit 2D and 3D data online "with a rich set of error histograms, error plots, curve plots, surface plots, and contour plots." The site also has an automatic function finder that finds the best functions to fit a given set of data.