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HWRP Safety Manual


The purpose of Safety Information for the Science Classroom is to strengthen safety practices in the science classroom and to provide science teachers and students with guidelines for a safe laboratory and study environment in which learning occurs. Planning for safety may appear to be time consuming; however, it is imperative that safety considerations be provided by the science teacher and followed by the student. Properly planned and maintained safety programs are preferable to accidents, injuries, or damage to health and/or the environment, and are far better than fines, penalties, and potential court cases.

This web site presents certain safeguards to science teachers in order to offer safe science instruction. This information is suggested to facilitate rather than inhibit effective science education.

Teaching safety practices is an integral and important part of teaching science in the Ohio Schools. Furthermore, working safely is a condition of employment. We live in a time when people are increasingly being held accountable through the courts for their actions. Any issues of negligence can be minimized when science teachers follow sound safety procedures. Finally the Ohio Proficiency Test in Science has an outcome directed toward safety at every level.

"Teachers need to exercise foresight, common sense, reason, and prudence in the planning and execution of science lab activities."

-Vos, R. & Pell, S.W. Science Teacher, December, 1990.

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To The Teacher
Safety Outcomes
Science Safety General Guidelines
Elementary School
Middle School
High School