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Science Safety General Guidelines



Involve students in the pre-lab phase to plan actions in case of an accident.

Provide verbal and written safety instructions to students.

Take steps to insure student accountability, such as testing and safety contracts (see Appendix) and intervention as needed.

Document students� understanding of proper safety practices prior to each lab activity.

Weigh risk factors to educational value before conducting a science activity.

Have an understanding of the potential hazards of all materials, processes and equipment that will be used.

Document in your lesson plans safety measures you take as a part of your teaching.

Be familiar with location and use of safety equipment, such as fire extinguisher, fire blanket, eyewash, etc.

Report accidents to the principal and document. (See Appendix for Akron Public Schools Accident Report Form.)

Identify a prescribed accident procedure.

Model safety behavior for the students.

Post visual displays, safety rules and procedures.

Instruct students in the proper use of safety equipment.

Never overlook any infraction of a safety procedure.

Be aware of common poisonous materials.

Review safety procedures personally and with students before each activity.

Have a supply of first-aid materials on hand and know how to use them.

Establish clear safety rules based on safety standards and anticipated events.

Consider individual student differences in maintaining safety.

Be aware of current safety research and regulations.

Have an established procedure when an accident or injury occurs in getting help (panic button, telephone, message system, student runner, etc.)

Classroom (Science Room)

Never leave students unsupervised.

Routinely inspect for potential hazards.

Instruct students in the proper use of safety equipment.

Do an annual safety inspection of the classroom and the laboratory.

Do a monthly check of all safety equipment.

Be attentive to humane care, handling and treatment of animals in the classroom.

Report existing and potential hazards to the principal in writing.

Post emergency telephone numbers in a conspicuous location in the science room.

Have a supply of first-aid materials on hand and know how to use them.

Lock unoccupied science rooms.

Lock science storage rooms and science cabinets.

Post the location of safety equipment.

Store hazardous materials in the proper place.

Use science classrooms for science classes only.

Routinely inventory all equipment and materials.

Supplies and Equipment

Keep all equipment in working order.

Do not permit students to use broken or unsafe equipment.

Transport hazardous materials in suitable secondary containers.

Routinely inspect equipment for hazards.

Store and maintain supplies and equipment in a manner that promotes safety.

Do not permit unauthorized persons in the storage room.

Unwanted chemicals should be properly disposed of through the Office of Environmental Management, Akron Public Schools.

Do not accept unsolicited science materials unless approved by administrative personnel.

Do not permit students to take science materials home.

Report missing materials to the proper authorities.

Universal Safety Concerns

Know the school�s policy and procedure in case of accidents.

Instruct students to never taste chemicals or other laboratory materials.

No eating or drinking in the science classroom.

Teach and practice safety precautions when working with electrical current.

Only minimal amounts of properly labeled chemicals should be stored in the classroom.

Be aware of the location of and establish procedures for shutting off electricity, gas and water.

Visitors to the classroom must follow safety rules.

Observe physical, mental or cosmetic factors of students which may pose a potential risk.

Be aware of students� medical predispositions that could be compromised in lab situations (e.g., epilepsy, allergic reactions, pregnancy, etc.)

Keep MSDS for all chemicals in lab storage rooms and in the main office.

Science colleagues can collaborate on reviewing updating lab activities to current safety standards.

Establish a specific safety plan for each building.

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