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As you are well aware, demonstrations and experiments can often provide very dramatic and powerful reinforcement of important chemistry principles. The following links provide access to sites that contain dramatic and/or strange experiments which have been or are currently being conducted at the secondary and post secondary levels. These links, as with all others at The Catalyst, are provided because they are certainly applicable to the general topic of secondary chemistry education in some way. Yeah, some of them are odd. But, after a long day of performing your least favorite lab bell after bell, a little change might be nice. Who knows, maybe one of these experiments will spark your creativity. Each of these activities has its own potential hazards which need to be evaluated. Think twice before jumping into them and remember, when performing any experiments use common sense and wear protective safety gear!

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Secondary Education Experiments

redballThe Acetylene-Powered Trash Can Rocket *

redballGay-Lussac's Law *

redballLori's Glowing Pickle Movie (requires QuickTime plug-in)

redballLiquid Oxygen *

redballSynthesizing Water (contains multiple experiments) *

redballThermite Reaction

redballThermite Reaction *

* = Part of the Adventures of an Alchemist website

Post Secondary Education Experiments

redballFun with Grapes - A Case Study

redballThe Gummy Bear in KClO3 (requires QuickTime plug-in) (Minimum mass of KClO3 needed per gummy bear calculation)

redballLighting A Grill With Liquid Oxygen

redballPhysics Inside A Microwave Oven

redballStrawberry Pop-Tart Blow-Torches

redballThe T.W.I.N.K.I.E.S. Project

redballMarshmallow Peeps Research