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Chemistry Resources For The Secondary Education Teacher On The WWW


BCIT Chemistry Resource Center
The BCIT Chemistry Resource Center "is an on-line facility available to all who wish to assess and/or upgrade their Chemistry skills." It is a "multi-media tutor to direct students to find textbook references, interesting WWW links and to guide them to solve Chemistry problems." It includes interactive, instant, self-evaluation problems, information about the elements, very useful web links, and more.

Chem101 is a nice chemistry site that contains a great deal of information including an online textbook, experiments, videos, newsgroups, and chat rooms. Some of the site's features require browser plug-in's. Links are provided for downloading several important plug-in's. This site was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

Chemical Stuff
A small site with several very detailed tutorials covering equilibrium calculations and atomic, molecular, and formula mass. In addition there is a formula mass and a percentage composition calculator.

The Chemistry Hypermedia Project
The Chemistry Hypermedia Project is exploring new ways to apply computer and network technology to help students learn chemistry.

The Chemistry Site
This site is chock-full of tutorials, practice problems (with solutions), quizzes, exams, and more!

The Chemistry Page
A very nice site with an extensive list of resources for the chemistry teacher. The links cover nearly every topic a high school chemistry teacher might want information about, including rubrics and the International Chemistry Olympiad, and range from general level to advanced placement.

The Chemistry Place
This membership only site is devoted to introductory chemistry. You will find activities, news, a variety of resources such as animations and demonstrations, links to all the software needed to get the most out of The Chemistry Place, and more! This site is well worth the visit!

Chemistry Problem Sets
This site is published by the chemistry department at Widener University for their general chemistry classes. They have handouts and problem sets for MANY topics covered in a general chemistry class (ex. mole conversions, nomenclature, reactions, etc.). The information covered here is appropriate for a high school chemistry class!

Chemistry Resources
A site for teachers and students of chemistry. It contains numerous resource links.

Chemistry Tutor
A site designed to provide online tutoring for chemistry students. Covers various topics from lab safety to reactions. It was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

Chemistry With Dr Ng
This web site was established in an attempt to provide an online education in chemistry for anyone who is interested. "This personal project takes a common sense approach to the learning of Chemistry, making it less intimidating. It starts at zero level. Any one above the age of twelve should be able to follow the program. It aims to take the student up to a college level. (Tutorials, revisions before the next lesson, quizzes, and lots of common sense are the norm. There will be two lessons a week.)"

The Chemland program set consists of many Java applets which can be used to model many chemical concepts, thus "allowing students to make discoveries about their properties. Instead of simply being told a trend and having it explained, the students can look at 'data' and discover the concept for themselves." Requires a Java Plug-in, to which there is a link on the main page of the site. (From the University of Massachusetts at Amherst)

Chemmybear is a nice resource for high school chemistry teachers. Here you can find mole clip art, animated images demonstrating VSEPR shapes, resource links, and more.

ChemoLab is a nice chemistry site that contains some tutorials that cover core chemistry content, a lab section with simulations and experiment descriptions, some online tests, and more. Some of the site's features require browser plug-in's. Links are provided for downloading several important plug-in's. This site was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

This site provides study resources for students in high school and advanced placement chemistry.

Chemtutor is intended to be either a stand alone course of study or a complete tutoring program for students. Their site is geared toward helping students with the most difficult aspects of learning chemistry.

The ChemWorld site contains some tutorials that cover core chemistry content, a lab section, some online quizzes, a discussion board, and more. This site was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

CHEMystery: An Interactive Guide to Chemistry
CHEMystery is a virtual chemistry textbook which provides an interactive guide for high school chemistry students. It was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

ChemWeb Online
ChemWeb Online provides an introduction to most of the chemistry that would be covered in a first year chemistry course through organized topical notes (each with a glossary and a small student quiz). The site also includes lab information, a virtual chemistry lab, and video of several demos. This site was created by students for a contest known as Think Quest.

This site is designed to teach the basics of chemistry and the periodic table. While it may appear to be specifically designed "for kids," the content is presented at a level applicable to high school students. The designers of this site have done a VERY GOOD job! Check it out.

DWBrooks' Site
David W. Brooks' web site contains a wealth of information for a chemistry teacher.

Eric Weisstein's World of Science
Formerly Eric's Treasure Trove of Chemistry, This site contains many encyclopedias of different branches of science. This link takes you to the encyclopedia of chemistry.

Erik's Chemistry
This site contains some very nice condensed notes covering most major topics in chemistry, as well as organic chemistry. Included with a few of the notes are animated 3-D images.

Fisher's Teacher Tips
Fisher Scientific welcomes you to explore the many teaching tips available online from their site. These tips were submitted by many educators around the country for all to share.

Foundations to Chemistry
This site, based upon an extract from the book Chemistry, Matter and the Universe by Richard E. Dickerson and Irving Geis, is essentially an online chemistry course. It covers more chemistry than would be covered in a first year chemistry course, however not all topics are available. It requires the Shockwave and Chime plug-ins for viewing the multimedia animations and 3D molecules. (From the University of Oxford)

General Chemistry Help Homepage
This page is the starting point for an incredible, exhaustive general chemistry information center, hosted by Purdue University. While some of the information is specific to the university, much of the information is presented in such a manner that it can be used in the high school setting.

General Chemistry Online!
General Chemistry Online! is an excellent chemistry web site with a little bit of everything. This site is one of the best on the internet, both for content and quality. (From Frostburg State University)

General Chemistry Web Course Tutorial
This site contains material relating to a first semester undergraduate course in general chemistry. The visitor has access to lecture notes, practice homework, and practice exams. There is also a site for second semester general chemistry.

Mr. Guch's Cavalcade o' Chemistry
The Cavalcade o' Chemistry is "your one-stop chemistry shop!" This site contains useful information for students and teachers. Students can get help using Mr. Guch's helpdesk (practice worksheets, tutorial links, "Mr. Guch Explains"), and teachers can get free labs, worksheets, and handouts from Mr. Guch (Cavalcade Publishing).

High School Chemistry Sites
A page of links to assist teachers in planning classes and labs.

High School Hub Chemistry Guide
This site is part of the High School Hub and provides a nice list of web resources for teachers or students.

Home Page of Ralph Logan
A site for teachers and students of chemistry at various levels. It contains resource links related to chemistry and math, as well as additional links for other science topics, education, and the web. Moreover, contains text pages covering several topics related to chemistry.

HyperChemistry on the Web
HyperChemistry was designed to be a comprehensive chemistry web resource for both students and educators. It was created by three students for a contest known as Think Quest.

Instructional Software for Chemistry
This page provides entry into several lists of software sources, demonstration materials and other resources of interest to Chemistry teachers and course designers. Also provided are entries into other resources related to the teaching of Chemistry.

IPPEX Interactive Physics Modules
This site contains information geared to physics classes, however it has some very good information on matter which can be used. (Choose the "Matter" module from the main page when you hit this site.) It requires the Shockwave plug-in for viewing.

Kiwi Web (Chemistry & New Zealand)
This site was designed for secondary school students and contains numerous links to other chemistry sites.

Middle School Science (Chemistry) Lesson Plans
This site, while designed for a middle school science class, has many interesting projects, labs, and activities applicable to a general chemistry class.

Molecule of the Month
Each month a new molecule will be added to the list on this page. The links will take you to a page at one of the web sites at a university chemistry department or commercial site in the UK, the US, or anywhere in the world, where useful (and hopefully entertaining!), information can be found about a particularly interesting molecule. Takes advantage of a plug-in called Chime OR a 3D viewer program called RasMol.

Nelson Chemistry Resource Page
This page has a large list of web links. The author has designed it to follow the Nelson Chemistry text chapter by chapter.

Paul's Chemistry Lab
A good chemistry resource for students and teachers.

Physics 2000
The 'Science Trek' portion of this web site provides several interactive tutorials on the quantum atom, elements, the periodic table, electromagnetic waves, radioactivity, and more. It is very well done. To get to the tutorials, click on 'Science Trek' from their home page. (From the University of Colorado)

"Ponder Chemistry" Lessons Index
This site provides several lessons for teachers to use.

Principles of Chemistry
"This site presents information and exercises on selected topics in introductory chemistry to the web-surfing chemistry students of the world."

Quia! Chemistry Games
This site contains java-enabled learning games that you or others can play over the internet. (To play these games, you will need a browser capable of running Java programs.) Quia pioneered the "create-your-own" concept, giving instructors the ability to create customized educational software online, built around their own course materials and made available to students over the Web. Today, Quia Web offers many more educational services.

Quizzes and Tutorials
This page provides access to numerous interactive quizzes and tutorials over most of the basic topics in a beginning chemistry class. (From the Ohio State University)

Rosen's Chemistry Resources
This is a well organized site containing numerous links to other chemistry sites.

Science Resource Center
This web site is for science teachers to share ideas. The author provides labs, demonstrations, a Chemistry Exam Exchange Center (where teachers can download tests, quizzes, and exams), and other information which teachers can access. Contributions are welcome.

Sheffield ChemPuter
A set of simple interactive calculators for chemistry on the World-Wide Web.

SparkNotes Chemistry Study Guides
Free online study guide website.

Steve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page
A very good chemistry resource for teachers and students. This site focuses on honors and AP level chemistry.

Teaching Our Youth Science (T.O.Y.S.)
The goal of this site is to provide secondary science teachers with ideas that use toys to teach science concepts. The site is broken down into two main categories; chemistry and physics. Teachers are encouraged to submit their own toy related teaching ideas by filling out the survey form.

The Third Millennium Online
This site contains an online chemistry textbook with study aids and chemistry history. The study aids include such topics as algebra in chemistry, the mole, the elements, famous scientists, and organic functional groups. You will find labs, tests, quizzes, and more here. NOTE: Some of the material at this site was plagiarized from Steve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page!

Tutorials for Chemistry
This site was designed for high school chemistry and contains numerous links to other chemistry sites.

"Visionlearning provides free, award-winning instructional lessons in modular form." They have two levels of chemistry modules, covering many of the common topics in high school chemistry. "All of the modules in our library share consistent features to make navigation simple and learning fun." The modules also incorporate a healthy mix of text, pictures, and diagrams.

The Woodrow Wilson National Leadership Program in Chemistry
The WWNFF Leadership Program in Chemistry aims to provide teacher developed materials that will enliven your classroom with exciting demonstrations, experiments, and student activities.

World Chemistry
This website is designed to support students who are studying advanced chemistry courses in high schools around the world. The site is very nicely done, and contains a wealth of information and features.