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redballAdvanced Placement Chemistry
This site provides information about the Advanced Placement (AP�) Chemistry course and exam.

redballThe AP Chemistry Web Site
The AP Chemistry Web Site is striving to be a resource for the AP Chemistry teacher and the AP Chemistry student.

redballChemistry AP Practice NEW!
This web site is a resource for students taking the AP Chemistry Exam.

Chemmybear is a nice resource for high school chemistry teachers seeking information to help them with AP chemistry. Here you will find some resources that most other sites don't contain.

This site provides study resources for students in high school and advanced placement chemistry.

redballD&S Marketing Systems, Inc.
The new 4th edition of Multiple-Choice & Free-Response Questions In Preparation For The AP Chemistry Examination.

redballSteve Marsden's Chemistry Home Page HOT!
A very good chemistry resource for teachers and students. This site focuses on honors and AP level chemistry.

redballWorld Chemistry HOT!
This website is designed to support students who are studying advanced chemistry courses in high schools around the world. The site is very nicely done, and contains a wealth of information and features.

AP Chemistry Tests

ETS lawyers have sent "cease & desist" orders for distribution of the past AP Chemistry exams. If this changes and old exams are allowed to be posted on the web, we will have that information available for you.


redballThe Chemistry Site

redballThe AP Chemistry Web Site
The AP Chemistry Web Site discusses the AP Chemistry Test issue. Teachers, ONLY, can still obtain free response questions for your use.

AP Chemistry Issues

redballStudy Faults Advanced-Placement Courses
Read the report, based on a two-year study commissioned by the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Education.