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redballACS DivCHED Examinations Institute
The ACS DivCHED Examinations Institute is a service of the American Chemical Society's Division of Chemical Education. Its role involves every aspect of chemistry assessment. They offer test-item banks and small scale lab assesment materials, a booklet titled Writing Tests and Interpreting Test Statistics, and conduct test assessment workshops.

redballAha! Jokes
This link takes you to the science jokes section of the Aha! Jokes website, a repository of "clean jokes." The science section boasts: "science jokes and humor, relating to chemistry, science in general, biology, geology, astronomy, and much more!" Relatively speaking, there are quite a few related to chemistry.

redballAsk Dr. Science
Dr. Science provides humorous, heretofore unknown information about Avogadro's Number. To access his wisdom, (one from the vaults of The Question of the Day) simply enter "pins angel" in the 'Keyword(s) or Phrase' text box and hit Search.

redballBad Chemistry
The purpose of this site is to bring to light commonly mistaught concepts in the field of chemistry. The intended audience is secondary school students and their teachers. It is intended to be part of the Bad Science pages.

redballChemistry Cartoons (Strange Matter)
This page contains some humorous panel cartoons about various topics in chemistry, from Nick D. Kim.
http://www.strange-matter.com/chem.html This link is lost!

redballThe Chemistry Hall of Fame
The Chemistry Hall of Fame operates much like other Halls of Fame. Starting in 1989, it has constructed and maintains a list - a pantheon - of chemicals that have been of great benefit to humanity. It annually inducts new substances which are nominated by high school chemistry students. You can visit the Chemistry Hall of Fame at York University in Toronto, Canada. This annual contest (with prizes) is directed at secondary school chemistry students!

redballChemistry Puzzles
This site has several puzzles that were created by chemistry students at Cheshire High School. They "say something chemical or use chemical symbols to make a statement."

redballChemistry Songs

redballChemistry T-Shirts

  • Cotton Expressions, Ltd. This link is lost!
    All true chemistry fans must have their own periodic table t-shirt! Cotton Expressions, Ltd. also has a t-shirt of Nick D. Kim's Opposites Attract cartoon. Buying is easy because you can get them online.
    This site has many different t-shirts, ties, and scarves related to chemistry. Some of the designs available we haven't seen anyplace else. They also feature online buying.

redballCIC National High School Examination
Information is provided here about a competitive exam that any Canadian high school chemistry student can take. "The exam is intended to foster an interest in the study of chemistry and to recognize and encourage special accomplishment demonstrated by high school students." Monetary prizes are awarded to top performers.

redballCoalition to Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide
Are they serious? Who knows. Might be useful in a class activity.
http://www.snopes2.com/toxins/dhmo.htm (origin of ban?)
http://www.stats.org/statswork/zohner.html (origin of ban?)

redballDHMO Your All-Natural Friend
After you've hit the Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide site (above) check out this site "in the interest of fairness." Combined with the above site, would make a very interesting class assignment!

redballDihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
"The controversy surrounding Dihydrogen Monoxide has never been more widely debated, and the goal of this site is to provide an unbiased data clearinghouse and a forum for public discussion." At this site you can gain access to information about current research results, governmental regulations, and exposure and contamination alerts, as they relate to DHMO. Yes, you can even get a copy of the MSDS for DHMO via a link on the FAQ page!

"The web's leading source of information about dry ice." This site is the result of many questions asked by customers of a family ice and dry ice business. Among all the information, they also have a search feature to help you find dry ice suppliers within your telephone area code.

redballHigh School Chemistry Exams
Information is provided here about two different competitive exams that ANY high school chemistry student can take. One is for those students who are completing, or have recently completed, their first high school chemistry course. The other is for those students who are completing, or have recently completed, their second high school chemistry course. Prizes are awarded to the five percent of students whose exam performance is best.

redballLiquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
The following links provide information and recipes for making ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

redballLongest Word
h2g2 (from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) is a site run by the BBC. It is "an unconventional guide to life, the universe and everything," and is written by visitors to the website. They claim, well...read for yourself.

redballMolecules with Silly or Unusual Names
This page highlights actual molecules that have silly or unusual names. (From the University of Bristol)

redballNobel e-Museum
This web site is the official web site of the Nobel Foundation, and presents information about the Nobel Prize and all the Laureates each category for every year since 1901. There are articles written by Nobel Laureates and other invited authors, educational materials, and much more.

redballNYSED Regents Chemistry Examination

  • NYSED Regents Chemistry Examination
    "Established by the New York State Legislature on May 1, 1784, the Regents of The University of the State of New York form the oldest, continuous state education entity in America. The Regents are responsible for the general supervision of all educational activities within the State...." This site contains copies of the NYSED Regents Chemistry Examination from previous years, beginning in 1998.
  • Oswego City School District Regents Exam Prep Center
    This site was designed "to help high school students meet the New York State Regents requirements in English, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This project is supported by a federally-funded Title III Technology Literacy Challenge Grant." This link is for the chemistry portion of the Prep Center.

redballOxygen-Enhanced Water
Can it boost athletic performance or is it just another scam aimed at a gullible audience? Check out the claims and criticism. This page provides a collection of links with information about oxygenated water.

redballOXymoron Humour Archive
"OXymoron is a collection of articles, generally emails forwarded in our direction, which the maintainers find amusing and which have been placed on the WWW for other people's amusement." This link is to the science humor, and there are some very funy pieces in this collection.

redballProduct Warning Labels
These pages provide a list of amusing product warning labels related to chemistry and physics.

redballRhino Records - Catalog - Tom Lehrer: Songs & More Songs By Tom Lehrer
Rhino's Tom Lehrer collection of very hard-to-find tracks includes Lehrer's song "The Elements" which was originally released in 1959.

redballRoyal Order of the Mole
The author concludes the school year by admitting his students into this "secret society". There is a detailed ceremony, a secret hand and arm sign, and a printable certificate.

redballScience Jokes
"This is a collection of more than 2000 scientific jokes." And, yes, there is a chemistry section.

redballSilly Putty University
The home of higher silly putty learning. Since its debut in 1950, silly putty has become famous. Here you can earn your Master of Silly Putty Degree (MSP) after finding out everything there is to know about this silicone based polymer.

redballSinging Science Records
This page is part of a personal website and contains MP3 files of the music from a six-LP set of science-themed folk songs published in the late '50s and early '60s. "The Singing Science lyrics were very Atomic Age, while the tunes were generally riffs on popular or genre music of the time."

redballThe Smallest Periodic Table on the Web
The Umea University's Analytical Chemistry department provides this periodic table and claims that it "is in fact a true one pixel/element periodic table itself, indicating the acid-base properties of the elements. Various shades of blue and red indicate basicity and acidity, and green denotes amphoteric properties. Grey marks absence of, or unknown, acid-base character. Useful as a table? Questionable...." Don't waste your time blowing it up to see if what they say is true, I've already tried!

Turbonium A new element has been discovered! Either that or it's the most intense use of chemistry in advertising to date. Check out Volkswagen's special web site devoted to their Turbo Beetle. (They even have periodic tables available with the new element on them!).
"The prized but elusive element Turbonium has been withdrawn from the environment for further laboratory research."

redballVenus Describing the Atom
This is a transcript from part of one episode of the original "WKRP In Cincinnati" TV show.

redballWhat's That Stuff?
'What's That Stuff?' is a periodic column that appears in C&EN online "dealing with the chemistry of everyday and often mundane materials." It is available to the general public as well as C&EN readers, and is very interesting. Check it out!