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Getting Started

  1. Read the article Hazardous Chemical Removal from Schools.
  2. Contact your state science supervisor and have him/her invite the Appropriate Advisory Groupto a meeting.
  3. Use the Data from Ohio to justify the need or do a needs assessment.
  4. Get the legislature to appropriate funds.
  5. Write a Job Description for a Program Manager.
  6. Use the sample to write a Request for Proposals.
  7. Use the sample to Select a Contractor.
  8. Use the sample to write a Contract for the Waste Disposal Contractor.
  9. Have the State Superintendent announce the program to all schools public an private K-12 for free removal if a science teacher (the chemistry teacher is best) attends an 8 hour Safety Seminar.
  10. Use the Sample Materials provided to develop a Safety Seminar.

Clifford L. Schrader, Ph.D.