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Subject: ' Twas The Night Before Finals

'Twas the night before finals
Let me tell you the facts
I had the students cramming
Their brains to the max.

They studied into morning
Till their minds were a blur
With visions of chemical formulas
Starting to occur.

The students were cramming
For last minute stuff
While Mrs. Cortez thought to herself
This exam won't be tough.

I reviewed all this material
During time given in class
There is no real reason
Why these kids shouldn't pass

We learned properties of cations
Doing flame tests.
I always knew my students
Were doing their best

In the back of my mind,
I was glad they were learning.
But reality told me
They were just here for burning
{Light up the watch glasses that contain Li, Cu, K, and Na salts
mixed with Methanol - flame tests}

I have 4 examples
Of salts we all did.
For extra credit
Does anyone want to bid?
{Award Mole dollars for correct answers}

It is good that you remember
Some of that stuff.
Now let's move on
To something more tough

There is nothing more fun
Than measuring different masses.
But I was more interested
In density of gases.

Methane is a gas
That has a density lighter than air.
But you must watch out
That you don't light your hair.
{Methane Mamba with Marge Simpson picture}

There are other gases
That don't have such luck.
They behave just the opposite
Can you tell me for a buck?
{Award Mole dollars for correct answers}

Now watch what I'm doing
And think way back, class.
Vinegar and Baking Soda
Give us what gas?
{Award students Mole dollar if they know the gas is CO2}

You guys are so smart
Why Carbon Dioxide it is.
When you add them together
That's what comes off as fizz.

Now we did a lab
With these materials, class.
We were not measuring density
But conservation of mass.

Now for a buck
What does this law state?
Don't take too long
I have no time to wait.
{Award Mole dollar if they know the Law of Conservation of Mass}

We made CO2 gas
But here is the problem.
If it is denser than air
Can I pour it in there?
{Pour a Gas demo}

Do you ever get so thirsty
That you might just come loose.
Doesn't matter what it is
H2O, wine, milk, sprite, or juice.
{Rxn's in solutions}

I think I'll choose H2O
For H2O is the key.
But there's one huge problem
The H2O is hard at TC.
{sodium polyacrylimide in a cup or invisible water crystals or ghost crystals}

Much harder than I'm
Used to drinking at BG.

Now Christmas is approaching
And for a small fee,
Bring a glass bottle to class
Create an ornament for your tree.
{Silver mirror activity}

Now I'm almost finished
And OHH how I tire.
But I almost forgot
You guys like fire.

So here's one of my own
He wasn't very costly.
I call him Mr. Frosty
{Lycopodium powder demo in Frosty}

Now I don't want to finish
Quite so quickly dear gang.
Mrs. Cortez always likes
To leave with a bang.
(Lycopodium powder demo in Paint Can)

Now go home and study
And just try your best.
Good luck on your finals
And to all a good test!

Kimberley Cortez
Fostoria High School, OH

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