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Subject: HyperStudio Use In Chemistry

I have been using HyperStudio in the classroom since 1989, and use it almost everyday. HyperStudio is a stack of information, drawings, pictures, CD-ROM access, etc. that can be changed or modified at any time.

1. We all have to teach lab safety, and are still liable for the lab safety of those students who are not present, the student assigned to the class after the safety program, or the student who transfers from another school late in the year. I have a safety stack that covers all the information on proper safety procedures. These "absent" students can be put on the computer to receive the safety information and then take the safety test. The stack can also be used by students who do not pass the safety test the first time.

2. I use a number of chemistry texts. I make stacks covering the informaton in a particular chapter from these texts. Instead of using the overhead in the classroom, I use the MAC output into a TV monitor for classroom display. The stacks cover the main concepts being discussed in class. Absent students or students preparing for the test or finals can use the computer to go over the concepts. I have also given HyperStudio Player to students with 3.5" disks to use on thair own MACs at home.

3. We require our seniors to do a senior project and one facet is to present the project to teachers, parents, and other adults. HyperStudio has been used my many of them to aid in their presentations.

Robert Slatten (bluecany@inreach.com)

Webmaster's note: Microsoft PowerPoint and the free PowerPoint Viewer would be equivalent software packages that would allow you to accomplish the same tasks. (PowerPoint and PowerPoint Viewer are also available for Macintosh users.)