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Subject: Stoichiometry Spreadsheet

This simple spreadsheet was created to make my life easier! Being a newer teacher, I was forced to create most of my chemistry worksheets and tests from scratch. As a result I also had to make the keys for each. The calculations were easy but time consuming. In an effort to simplify this process for my stoichiometry chapter, I created a spreadsheet that would perform all the necessary calculations, given some basic information such as molar masses and coefficients in the balanced chemical equation.

This Microsoft Excel spreadsheet contains five seperate "sheets" which perform specific calculations:

  • sheet 1 = mole-mole calculations
  • sheet 2 = mass-mole calculations
  • sheet 3 = mole-mass calculations
  • sheet 4 = mass-mass calculations
  • sheet 5 = limiting reagent calculations

There are very simple instructions on each sheet informing the user what information needs to be entered (all user entered information is in some color other than black). Click on the screen shot to see a sample (sheet 3) of the spreadsheet before you decide whether or not you want to download it.

I hope it proves useful to you, and that it saves you as much time as it has me. If you have any comments or suggestions about this spreadsheet, please feel free to contact me.


screen shot

Michael Geyer (m_geyer@thecatalyst.org)
Deer Park High School, Cincinnati, OH