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Browser Plug-ins

Some of the sites that The Catalyst links to require one or more specific browser plug-ins or programs. Plug-ins are software programs that extend the capabilities of your web browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, etc.) in a specific way. They may give you the ability to view video movies or manipulate 3D chemical models from within your browser.

Below is a list of those plug-ins and programs that are recommended or required to take full advantage of every site to which The Catalyst links. Every effort is made to provide active links to the most current version of each listed plug-in or program. Note, all links will open in a separate browser window.

redballAcrobat Reader (Adobe Systems, Inc.)

redballChime (MDL Information Systems, Inc.)

redballCosmo Player (Computer Associates International, Inc.)

redballHyperStudio Web Browser Plug-in (Knowledge Adventure, Inc.)

redballMacromedia Flash Player (Macromedia, Inc.)

redballMacromedia Shockwave Player (Macromedia, Inc.)

redballPowerPoint Animation Player Extension (Microsoft, Inc.)

redballRasMol (University of Massachusetts, Amherst MA USA)

redballRealOne Player, formerly RealPlayer (RealNetworks, Inc.)

redballQuickTime (Apple Computer, Inc.)

Chime Help Tools

redballA Brief Introduction to Chime (Wellesley College)

redballChime: How To Use It (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)